Polytechnic College Maputo

VcSch Maputo

The ADPP Vocational School of Maputo is located in Machava, Maputo Province.

The objective of the School is to equip Mozambican youth with the relevant skills needed to compete favourably in the local labour market or to be successfully self-employed. To this end, it provides medium level vocational and academic training (8th to 10th grade) including both theoretical and practical studies.

The Vocational School of Maputo is among the three ADPP Vocational Schools that offer a technical-vocational diploma through an intensive 2-year training program. Internships at local companies and institutions are an integral part of the curriculum.

Since the training is given in a boarding school setting, the graduates acquire many valuable extra-curricular skills, including planning and implementing activities and assuming personal responsibility over the management of the School.

The School provides professional training in the following areas:

•    Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
•    Civil Construction
•    Business Management
•    Community Instructors


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