Teacher Training College Maputo

EPF Maputo


Teacher Training College Maputo is located in Administrative Post of Machava, in Matola District, Maputo Province.

Teacher Training College Maputo was the first TTC started in Mozambique in 1993 as a gift from Humana People to People to the peace process of the Mozambican people aiming to support the development of basic education especially in the rural areas through educating sufficient and qualified teachers in a country, where only 50% of the children attended school, where many children repeated classes often, and very few reached the secondary level.

TTC Maputo reaches out to teachers, students and their parents within the ADPP Schools and schools in the neighborhood, as well as to the communities, where the "Teachers of the Future" work, mostly in the provinces of Maputo, Gaza and Inhambane.

It has graduated so far 1.690 teachers of the future of which 51% are women and 49% male.