Teacher Training College Cabo Delgado

EPF Cabo Delgado


The Teacher's Training College Cabo Delgado is located in the Administrative Post of Bilibiza, in Quissanga District, in Northern Province of Cabo Delgado.

TTC Cabo Delgado began operating in 1999, with a little over 50 students and eight teachers. Since then it has verified the development in different areas and aspects, with a regular increase in the number of students, teachers, infrastructure and creation of more projects within community and social development. It has been extending coverage in community work sectors thus creating employment for the population of Bilibiza, and in the District of Quissanga.

TTC Cabo Delgado has graduated until 2014, 1076 students of which 36% are female and 64% male. In 2012, TTC Cabo Delgado started the new 3 years teacher training program which includes international bus travel through southern Africa