Secondary School NCV

No Caminho da Victoria in Machava, outside Maputo in Mozambique

The “On the Road to Victory” Secondary School, or NCV (from the Portuguese abbreviation of “No Caminho da Vitória”), provides secondary school education to youth and adults from the local communities, the city of Maputo and the outskirts of Maputo Province. It has the capacity to enroll 1,300 students per year in its day and evening shifts and its curriculum is complemented with various extracurricular cultural and sports activities.

The “On the Road to Victory” began its activities in 1986 with the aim of providing primary education to the children of ADPP staff and to the local vulnerable and orphan children. In 1994, the School became a practice school for the students of the nearby ADPP Teacher Training College of Maputo. Three years later in 1997, the School extended its curriculum to secondary education (grades 8-10) as a response to the growing demand of secondary education in the area. In 2003, the primary school functions were discontinued and the school became a secondary school only, teaching grades 8-10. At this moment, various new extra-curricular activities were introduced in the school’s curriculum, including analytic drawing, art, and text processing.

The NCV Secondary School is located in Machava, Maputo Province, and graduates altogether 1,000 students each year.




Secondary School NCV

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