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ADPP is implementing a project for vulnerable children, children living without family care and support like orphans, street children and abandoned children called "Children's Town". The program provides these children opportunity to

acquire basic, tertiary and vocational education within an enabling social environment. They get access to engage in various activities and extracurricular programs, helping them to recover and overcome past traumas.

Children's Town has integrated many children living in the surrounding communities in the Primary School, which is within its ADPP facilities. The project also carries out awareness campaigns in the community about diseases such as Malaria, Cholera, TB and HIV-AIDS.

ADPP delivers skills training and education to children from 1st to 7th grade either as boarding students or as day students. The school trains them basic skills such as sewing, animal-breeding, sports and culture. Usually children remain at ADPP- Children's Town for 7 years, receiving education and care. However, some children living in Children's Town, who have suffered social traumas, remain longer in the center. Some of these are enrolled in 1st grade when they are 9 years old, sometimes with many learning difficulties. In such cases, the task is to not only teach in the classroom, but also provide psychosocial support and counselling to help them develop progressive social values in their daily lives.

During 2014, ADPP- Children's Town Maputo enrolled of 420 students in 1st to 7th grade, 57 of whom are boarding students. Six are in secondary schools in other locations but stay in the center, and 357 students live with their families mainly in the surrounding poor communities.



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Children’s Town Maputo

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