Primary and Secondary Schools

"Providing Access to and Quality of Education"

Education is a fundamental human right. However, many children in Mozambique face various social and economical constraints that compromise their schooling. The opportunities of orphan and vulnerable children to enroll into primary education are even scarcer.

ADPP Mozambique has responded to the challenge by establishing 2 secondary and 2 primary schools that are specially targeted for vulnerable and disadvantaged children and youth: the Secondary Schools of "On the Road to Victory" and "Patrice Lumumba" in Maputo Province and the Primary Schools of "Ants of the Future" in Chimoio and "Children's Town" in Costa de Sol, Maputo. The latter also functions as a home for orphans entrusted to ADPP by the social services of the government.

Every year, the ADPP Primary and Secondary Schools provide nearly 4,000 children with an access to education.

In addition to its primary and secondary schools, ADPP Mozambique is active in supporting the improvement of primary education through the provision of in-service training to practicing teachers and school councils and through rehabilitating and equipping existing primary schools in the provinces of Niassa, Cabo Delgado and Manica. Thanks to these interventions, over 63,000 children have access to a better quality primary education.

The network of graduated teachers called "400 Primary Schools", covering over 25,000 children across the country, is also among the ADPP initiatives aiming at improving the teaching given in primary schools.

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