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Nikhalamo SMT OlympicsNIKHALAMO is a word in the local language (Chuabo) and means, freely translated, “Girl Child, Stay in School”. The objective of the 4-year (2015-2018) NIKHALAMO Project is to ensure that vulnerable girls in Namacurra district (Zambezia Province) complete upper primary school and transit to lower secondary schools (6th and 7th grades). The Project is made possible through the support from the US Government (USG) through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and it is implemented by ADPP Mozambique (Development Aid from People to People).

To reach its objective, the Project will work in close collaboration with the district and local education authorities to promote girls’ education within the local communities and to address various issues that keep girls out of school, including by establishing community pre-schools and by offering community block grants to ensure that even the poorest families have the means to educate their girls.

The Project will also seek to improve the learning environment at the local schools by enhancing their water and sanitation conditions and by sensitizing teachers, students, and school council and community members about gender issues, including gender roles and stereotypes, violence against women and girls, sexual abuse and bullying, thereby making schools safer, healthier and more child-friendly.

Finally, the Project will also aim to enhance the students’ academic performance and life skills by promoting a strong reading culture, both in schools and at home, and through a special mentorship support program. The specially trained Girls Education Mentors will carry out training sessions and community-based activities addressing various issues related to the wellbeing of girls, including issues related to physical and sexual health, hygiene, and social skills, enhancing thus the self-awareness and self-esteem of the young girls.

The NIKHALAMO Project will reach altogether 3,250 vulnerable girls and work directly with 18 selected primary schools and 2 local secondary schools in the district of Namacurra.

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Girls Stay in School

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