Cidadania banner lateralAiming to strengthen the capacity of youth participation in citizenship practices, through the involvement of schools, creation of citizenship clubs and links to networks, forums and civil society organizations, the project "Promoting Active citizenship among young Mozambicans" is a result of partnership and grant agreement between ADPP and the Office of the National Authorising Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (GON) for the financing of an initiative to promote the concept and culture of citizenship among the young Mozambican layer.

The initiative, which is being implemented for a period of three years, covers young people from 9 to 17 years old and has the funding of the European Union (EU). The project is an ADPP initiative, in partnership with the Mozambican Association for the Promotion of Citizenship (AMOPROC) and the Mozambican Association for Development and Human Sustainability (VUKKA), two Mozambican non-governmental organizations active in this area.

The specific objective of this initiative is to strengthen the capacity of young Mozambicans to learn the concept of citizenship and take them to practice actions accordingly. To this end, it is proposed an increase of awareness of the selected educational institutions on the formation of citizens aware of their rights and duties; increase awareness of the concept and practices of citizenship among young people; and mobilize young people involved to participate in networks, forums and civic organizations.

The initiative's main target are young people in pre-selected schools, including 5 ADPP schools, 5 state schools and the Dom Bosco Community High School.

The aim is to reach beneficiaries, including 1,200 students (600 boys and 600 girls) of the target schools, 180 students from the ADPP Teacher Training School and 30 teachers and 22 directors of covered schools, which together with 18 trainers and 2 directors from ADPP Teacher training School, are receiving training provided by the project.

Additionally, the project "Promoting Active citizenship among young Mozambicans" has as indirect beneficiaries in the communities around the schools, community leaders and members of the families of young people, a total of more than 5,000 people.

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