70 Pre-Schools

70 escolinhasThe 70 Preschools in Maputo is a 2.5-year pilot project financed by the World Bank and implemented by ADPP Mozambique together with the Ministry of Education in 2 districts in Maputo Province, Boane and Manhiça. The project started in summer 2014 and is part of a larger pilot initiative, implemented simultaneously by various agencies in 5 provinces across the country.

The main objective of the 70 Preschools in Maputo project is to strengthen the capacity of rural families and communities to promote the holistic development of children under 6 years of age through the provision of community-based Early Childhood Development (ECD) services and by raising awareness among parents and community members about the importance of early investments in child development and healthcare for the healthy growth and development of children.

The project is based on the government strategy for the integrated development of pre-school children, which aims to promote Early Childhood Development among children under 6 years of age and prepare them for enrolling in primary education, thereby contributing to improving their academic performance and the overall quality of life in the long run.

The four main components of the project are: 

  1. Community mobilization and strengthening the institutional support framework
  2. Training and capacity building in ECD and running preschools, 
  3. Construction of 70 preschools,
  4. Provision of ECD services.

ADPP’s large experience in the education sector including the implementation of Preschools were some of the reasons for ADPP to be selected as one of the 3 organizations implementing DICIPE (Full Development of Children in Preschool Age) in Mozambique.

For more information about the 70 Pre-schools activities , please see the photo gallery.


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70 Pre-Schools


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